Sunday, November 17, 2013


With a very appealing cover, not to mention the booklet, this live recording of Bebe Neuwirth’s concert at 54 Below invite us to a close and personal meeting with this unique actress/singer/dancer.

Through songs and stories, Bebe tell us about herself and her career. From her beginnings singing “I Love a Piano” in every audition she went, to the fact that as a dancer she can’t eat cookies, only smell them.

Her singing voice is a perfect match for the John Kander & Fred Ebb songs, “Ring Them Bells” and “But the World Goes’ Round”, and not surprisingly even better for Kurt Weill’s “Susan’s Dream”, an haunting ballad that I never heard before, “The Bilbao Song” and “Surabaya Johnny”. I think that Weill would have loved to write songs for her. I’m not very fond of Tom Waits, but in Bebe’s voices “Invitation to the Blues” is a great moment and “Shiver Me Tembers” is quietly sad, but beautiful. But there are more songs for you to discover and enjoy in this new recording. 

A simple, funny and intimate recording of a great lady of the stage, done with warm and love. I strongly recommend it and I’m sure it’ll grow on you as it’s growing in me.

Rate: 7 (from 1 to 10)

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