Sunday, August 24, 2014


We all have a dark side and I’m no exception. It’s true that I’m passionate about musicals, but I also love horror movies. So, when these two worlds collide I’m always interested. The problem is that usually these movies use rock/pop scores that couldn’t be farther from my musical tastes. I had fun watching THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW or PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, but I hated both scores.

Now there’s a new horror musical, this STAGE FRIGHT. Musically inspired by Andrew Lloyd Weber’s PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, but also with some hard music (the killer is called “Metal Killer”), the songs by Jerome Sable & Eli Batalion are uninteresting; I prefer some of their scary instrumental tracks like “Into the Woods”.

I haven’t seen the movie yet (but I still want to), but this original soundtrack sounds, for someone like me, terrible. Not even Minnie Driver saves the day. But with Meat Loaf Aday in the cast what did I expect? I’m sure lovers of the ROCKY HORROR SHOW score will have a good time with this recording, but not me! Sorry.

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