Sunday, August 12, 2012

DREAMGIRLS at The Harlem Repertory Theatre

Early this month I received an email from The Harlem Repertory Theatre asking for my support on their new production of DREAMGIRLS. 
Since I live too far from New York I won’t be able to go and see the show, but if you live around New York maybe you can go, so here is a little piece of information about that production.
This “intimate chamber version” of DREAMGIRLS will open the Harlem Repertory Theatre 2012 season next Friday.

This new production of the musical by Henry Kriger & Tom Eyer will be directed and choreographed by Keith Lee Grant and will star Alexandra Bernard as Effie, Natalia Peguero, Isis Kenney, Dennis Williams, Oscar Aguirre and Eric Myles. 
If can know more about this production by visiting HRT.

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