Sunday, July 22, 2012


Everyone knows that not all 50s musicals were hits or classics, but even the ones that weren’t, usually had interesting scores. That’s the case with this forgotten show.

The music was by Hollywood composer Victor Young (THE QUIET MAN, THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH) and in his Broadway debut he came up with a good share of attractive songs, like “Where Is That Someone for Me”, “Camille, Collette, Fifi”” and, my favorite of the whole score, “Sun At My Window, Love At My Door”. The cast included film stars Gloria de Haven and Ricardo Montalban in their Broadway debuts and both reveal fine voices. Among the cast there’s also the terrific Chita Rivera, here in her first recording album.

This isn’t a great score but I wish today someone were able to write songs like these and I always have an agreeable time each time I hear it.

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