Sunday, July 8, 2012


If, like me, you love the musicals of the 20s, this one is definitely for you. Its carefree atmosphere and melodious score take us back to a time where musicals were simpler, entertaining and you left the theatre humming a song or two.

Until the day I bought this CD, I confess I never heard anything about this musical and I didn’t knew whom Con Conrad, his composer, was. It’s true, I was familiar with Conrad’s “Makin’ Whoopee“ and ”The Continental” from the Astaire & Rogers movie THE GAY DIVORCEE, but his name didn’t ring any bell. “The Continental” (the first song ever to won an Oscar) wasn’t part of KITTY’S original score, but its addition to this recording was a nice touch from the guys at PS Classics.
As for the score, I simply love the contagious “Wakin’ the Track” and “Choo Choo Love” is highly hummable. “I’m in Love” is a beautiful romantic ballad and “Two Fellows and a Girl” is the kind of song that could only have been written on those days. The cast couldn’t be better and they all sing like if the songs have been written specially for them.

KITTY’S KISSES deserves to be discovered by anyone who loves good music.

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