Monday, March 26, 2012


I guess this gay revue isn’t for everyone’s taste, but it sure is for mine! This is very entertaining and I wish I could have seen it on stage, where I believe the score would work even better.

With songs and sketches by Dick Gallagher, Peter Morris and Mark Waldrop, this is the work of people who love and respect the Musical. They come up with very funny numbers, of which my favorite is the hilarious “You Are My Idol”, sung and acted by a talented male cast.

Among the numbers, there’s a very Jerry Herman mini-musical called “Nancy: The Unauthorized Musical”, followed by the funny “Though to Be a Fairy”. There’s a good tap-dance number, “As Plain as the Nose on My Face”, and a jazzy “I Was Born This Way”. One last word for Tommy Femia, who delivers “The Magic of Me” as Judy Garland and sounds just like her.

The last song is called “Less is More” and in the case of this score, I hope there was more. Really enjoyable!


  1. I was fortunate to get to see this -- it was hilarious and wonderful!

  2. I wish I've seen it! I always try to imagine how the "You're My Idol" number worked on stage.

    Although I didn't see this one, I was able to see WHEN PIGS FLY and I had an enjoyable time with it.