Saturday, April 29, 2017


Original Broadway Cast – 2017 / Music and lyrics by Tim Michin
Starring: Andy Kartl, Barrett Doss, Rebecca Faulkenberry, John Sanders, Andrew Call, Tari Kelly, Raymond J. Lee
Rate: 4 (from 1 to 10) / Photos by Joan Marcus

Review: When I heard the cast recording of MATILDA, Tim Michin’s previous musical, I decided that it wasn’t for me. The score was too rock oriented for my personal taste. But one day, a friend of mine convinced me and so I saw it. Surprise! Not only did I enjoyed the show, I thought the score worked perfectly on stage, although I still don’t care much about the music.

Like MATILDA, Tim Minchin’s new musical score is too much rock for my taste. The first time I played it, since the first numbers were completely out of my taste, I didn’t pay much attention. Then I remember that MATILDA had at least a of couple songs that I liked, so maybe there was something here that I might enjoy. So, I gave it a second chance and I found some very interesting numbers.

All the songs are strongly character oriented and I don’t know if they can live out of the context of the show, but “One Day”, emotionally sung by a terrific Barrett Doss and then by the company, should have one. It’s a strong, bitter and beautiful song. But the first song of the score to get my attention was STUCK, that for me is the best song of the score and perhaps the one more related with the traditional Broadway sound. Rebecca Faulkenberry shines with the nice ballad “Playing Nancy” and John Sanders has a good moment with the sad “Night Will Come”. In the leading role, Andy Karl sings his songs with gusto. One last word for a very entertaining “Entr’acte” and for the almost all instrumental “Philanthropy” that, for some reason, reminded me of WEST SIDE STORY.

This really isn’t’ my kind of music, but fans of contemporary musicals will have a good time with this one and even old fashion guys like me might find something to enjoy.

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