Saturday, November 30, 2013


“Heaven, I’m in heaven” every time I listen to this new recording. 

Several years ago was released a double CD entitled FRED ASTAIRE & GINGER ROGERS AT RKO, that included the original movie soundtracks of the classic Astaire & Rogers’ movies produced at RKO. When I heard about this new recording, I thought it’ll be the same recordings under another name, but I was wrong. This is a perfect companion piece to that other recording.

In the liner notes, regarding Astaire, Michael Feinstein wrote “there is an authenticity, simplicity, truthfulness and elegance to these performances that has never been equaled.” By listening to the fabulous songs that make this recording, we realize that Feinstein words couldn’t be more correct. It’s true, better singers have sung this songs through the years, but there’s a candor to Astaire’s voice that made the songs his. He also had the luck to have people like the Gershwins, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern and Cole Porter writing songs specially for him.

With songs by all those composers, this new double CD is a treasure for lovers of the American Songbook and who can resist the likes of “Night and Day”, “Let Yourself Go”, “Cheek to Cheek”, “Isn’t This a Lovely Day”, “The Way You Look Tonight”, “Pick Yourself Up”, “A Fine Romance”, “I’ve Got Beginner’s Luck”, “I Can’t Be Bothered Now”, “They Can’t Take That Away from Me”, “They All Laughed” and many more. Astaire’s voice, terrific orchestrations and a great restoration work with these old recordings, make this a must for every music lover. 

The 30s was a golden decade for musicals and I know that no one writes songs like those anymore, but you can’t imagine the pleasure I have every time I play this recording. Following Astaire’s invitation, “Let’s Face the Music and Dance”! 

This new recording is a nostalgic trip to a magic era of wonderful songs and Fred Astaire really knew how to sing them. You shouldn't miss it!

Rate: 9 (from 1 to 10)

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