Saturday, June 18, 2011


The 65th Annual Tony Awards had one of the best and funniest openings ever. Neil Patrick Harris,  the evening’s host, took the stage with an original song titled “Not Just for Gays Anymore” and the result was highly enjoyable. Rob Ashford directed the musical number that include nuns, business man, sailors, mormons and female flight attendants, plus the participation of Stephen Colbert, Brooke Shields (now on Broadway as Morticia Addams) and Bobby Cannavale.

The song written by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger (the team responsible for the score of Broadway’s CRY-BABY) is hilarious and here are a few lyrics excerpts:

“If you feel like someone that this world excludes, it's no longer only for dudes who like dudes.

Attention every breeder, your invited to the theatre. It's not just for gays anymore.
The glamour of Broadway is beckoning straights—the people who marry in all 50 states.
We're asking every hetero to get to know us better-o. It's not just for gays anymore!”

“So, people from Red states, and people from Blue, a big Broadway rainbow is waiting for you.
Come in and be inspired, there's no sodomy required.
Cause it's not just for gays, it's not just for gays—we'd be twice as proud to have you if you go both ways—Broadway is not just for gays anymore!!”

Shields tried to sing “When I'm up on stage, there's lots of men who like to watch. In fact, one guy sent a Twit-pic of his crotch.” and Cannavale “sung Broadway touches parts of me that never have been touched. I love it very CENSORED much.”

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